Availability: from August to September

Origin: Vietnam (Long An, Tien Giang, Bac Lieu, Hung Yen)

Type: Hung Yen Longan

Shelf time: 5-7 days in the refrigerator

Quality: 1st class, thick flesh, sweet.

Packing details: as customer’s request.

45-50 fruits per kg



Season of Longan fruit will be in autumn when the weather become cool. It will start from August till September.


1 kgs/ctn or as customer’s request.

45-50 pieces per kg


In the north of Vietnam, Hung Yen province.


The longan grows in many provinces in the North. The longan is no bigger than a ping-pong ball with brownish peel. The peel only has to be slightly removed to reach the whitish pulp, enclosing the glistening black kernel.

There are many varieties of longans. The most renowned variety of longan is the Long longan of Hung Yen Province. There are varieties that have a thick pulp and a very sweet taste called pulp longan. Water longans have a thin watery pulp and a fresh sweet taste. In the South, there is the longan of Chau Thanh (Dong Thap Province), which is fairly renowned. This variety has a watery pulp, a very sweet taste, a perfumed scent, and small black seeds, which is why it is called nhan tieu (pepper grain longan).

The longan is a tropical fruit rich in nutrients. It is used in the preparation of sweet lotus seed soups. A longan that has been rid of its black kernel then dried over a fire is called long nhan (literally: dragon’s eyes); it is one of the tonics used in the recipes of traditional medicine.


Long Longan has thick peel with dark yellow skin.

The flesh of Long Longan is dry and thick.

The taste has special sweet smelling which is very pure and light. Not too strong as other kinds.




To store longan’s, wrap them within a paper towel to soak up excessive dampness and put them in a punctured plastic bag within the fridge. They’ll keep for just two – 3 weeks, even though they have a tendency to shed a few of their taste as time passes.

For optimum taste, they must be consumed as quickly as possible. Longans could be frozen within their covering.


There are many kind of dishes to use Longan but mostly we should eat fresh fruit. Or

  • Stew longans in sugar and also syrup: they’ll keep for a long period.
  • Their fairly sweet rejuvenating flavor makes longans an excellent choice for sorbet
  • Slice the fruit as an element of an exotic salad and can include along with pineapple, carambola along with a soy-based dressing.
  • Use in jello recipes, as their texture matches those of jello’s.
  • Make vodka jello shots and also include pieces of the fresh fruit
  • Dry the flesh on the slow, open fire and also add some smoky fruit to soups
  • Serve cut longans along with cantaloupe or any other melons along with coconut ice cream.
  • People can use Longan to make many kind of desert as well.




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